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February 19, 2021
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February 19, 2021

Charity site, to inform, assist, and engage


Veterans’ Growth works with veterans from the tri-services who suffer with mental health issues. The charity aims to provide treatment and support to veterans who are unable to access help and support from the NHS or other charitable organisations, or those for whom existing treatments have been unsuccessful.

The goals of their website development were as a place for veterans to be able to register for their 2 week residential courses, encourage donations from those interested in helping this worthy cause, and give thanks to corporate donors. 



The underlying need of Veterans Growth were simple, they needed to spread the word of the cause, make it easy for those in need to find the resources, and attract donations and revenue to further support the work they did.

A simple layout was chosen, with information and call to action clearly visible. When your message is clear enough, and your cause worthy, you don’t need flashy graphics to distract from what visitors are there for. We take the individual needs and goals into account when our web designers go into every project.

To further increase awareness, and bring recurring traffic back to the site a podcast feed was integrated, where Veterans Growth can bring on guest speakers to talk on subjects pertinent to the charity work.

An E-Commerce page has also been developed and is due to be released soon once stock is received, to increase awareness with branded clothing, and provide a revenue stream to allow them to support even more deserving veterans.  

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