Veterans Growth
February 19, 2021
Nexus Pictures
February 18, 2021

Transformation from simple brochure site, with membership sign up and dashboard


Following initial web development of a purely informational, brochure style site, this client wanted to take the next step with their business. Moving from site visitors to site members, and generating monthly recurring revenue. 

Where there is a new cost, there needs to be new value and it was time to increase what site visitors gained from the website. We were contacted to improve functionality of the site, give members tangible benefits, and drive conversion. 



The client was happy with the design, structure, and content of their website, and we’re not a company that tries to create work for the sake of it. So the focus was on adding additional functionality, benefits, and making it a site to spend time in not just visit.

The original idea from the client was to include a blog for members, but they wanted further input from Hybrid1 to help evolve the idea and attract members. 

Following consultation, our process was to review personas of target clients and come up with value added content that would appeal to the market. 

Following research and defining the customer, we included options of monthly membership purchase with adjustments to the site to push traffic, built members login and dashboard. Functions of the new dashboard included Zoom conferences for weekly weigh in sessions, access to private social groups and blogs, access to member only guides and cookbooks, members chatroom, and private instructional Youtube galleries. 


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