No Longer A Fatty
February 19, 2021

Website redesign to match brand needs


Nexus Pictures felt that their existing site, from another web design agency, didn’t communicate the premier services and solutions that they delivered to their clients.

As a provider of high-end video and stills, serving sectors including TV Production, Education, Healthcare, and Commercial, they needed a site that would engage multiple client types. As well as informing of their extensive service offerings: Documentaries, Brand Videos, E-Learning, and Streamed events, and the scope of their offerings from single operators to a comprehensive production team. 


As creative types, with aesthetics always in mind, Nexus Pictures took an interest in early stage design and layout to ensure that their site spoke to existing and prospective clients about the level of service they provide. This followed 

They commented on how impressed they were with Hybrid1’s attention to their brand and goals, and the efficiency with which we were able to make changes requested, as their vision evolved. 



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