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February 19, 2021
Veterans Growth
February 19, 2021

Designing a new website to promote and sell online gardening courses.


 With lockdown came a boom in people interested in taking care of their outside spaces, from window boxes to borders. Suddenly the market had expanded to include all age groups, and the site needed to speak to all of them, and be easy to use so as not to put up any technology barriers. 

Implementing social media feeds to improve engagement and easily update images was an obvious choice, but we also included a half day training session to give the information and skills needed to update as and when needed themselves, with material handover and ongoing support as needed. 


Following recent collaboration with the London College Of Garden Design, Garden Courses wanted to bring to market a suite of easily accessible, learn at home, gardening courses. 

Their requirements were an intuitive site, that was informative, as well as seamlessly guiding the user to the purchase of their courses and on to the integrated learning platform. 

With continuous course development, it was important that they be able to update the site themselves, adding new content, and amending pricing according to current offerings. 


Garden Courses now have a vibrant, visually inspired site. That serves to attract, inform, and convert customers, with a gateway to their learning platform. 

Sign ups followed soon after and exceeded original goals. 

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